New Owners

Troy and Jayne

Troy and Jayne

New Owners, Troy and Jayne Miller, bring a combination of 40 years’ experience serving the public. From marketing to ministry we have always been involved in serving our community and the people who surround us! We consider our guest’s comfort a priority as we strive to make our Inn a place people can feel at home and indulge themselves.

We invite you to take a look around to get a feel for The Inn.

Get ready to experience a new kind of Bed and Breakfast!

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For the past ten years, the property has been operated as Moss Mountain Inn, a successful eco-

smart bed and breakfast.  It has been host to hundreds of people from around the globe.  We are excited to continue

to serve our guests, and surroundings, in the same special way that has created such a memorable place to slow

down and unwind!