Winter on the North Fork

Posted By on Feb 2, 2015 |

We are truly in the middle of a winter wonderland here on the North Fork.  As I look out the window on a clear day, I can see Glacier’s Apgar Mountain Range majestically jutting up, as if it demands attention.  If the moon is out, the range’s snow capped mountains glow through the night.  I still can’t seem to take in the full beauty of this place.

Last week, I had a very special guest here from New York.  I watched in awe as her youthful energy took her on adventures far and wide, compared to what I can accomplish, from back-country skiing, resort cross country skiing, to experiencing the resort town of Whitefish and its culture and versatility.  She reminded me that winter at the Inn does not have to be sedate, rather, if I choose, I can explore and experience all that Glacier has to offer any day of the year!

Summer reservations are coming in almost daily, as if to remind me that spring is around the corner, and with it new life will blossom in all directions.  I can’t help but get excited about the people that we will meet this summer and who will inevitably  become a part of Glacier’s history and our circle of friends!

Soon my friends, soon!