Thanksgiving Festivities 2014

Posted By on Nov 30, 2014 |

We are so thrilled to have hosted a family of 10 at the Inn for the Thanksgiving holiday.  What a precious time with an amazing family.  They came to us from the east coast and Montana.  What a joy it was to serve them and watch as they reunited and quickly became reacquainted.  Their time here was special for us and our family.  Our daughter, Cassie, and her boyfriend, Justin, stood in for us and received many praises from this family on their cooking and hospitality!  We are so blessed!

The Holidays are always special to us because it is a time of renewal and fond memories of times gone by.  The beauty of fall has left the North fork and replacing it is the splendor of winter.  We are in awe of this particular area because as the snow falls and our surroundings are blanketed in what is sure to be a glorious winter white, we are reminded of many such gatherings with loved ones.

We have gained a whole new perspective on family as we have hosted many groups that have become near and dear to our hearts and will forever be a piece of the fabric that binds us together and  becomes of part of the Inn’s foundation.  We will forever be grateful to each and every one of you!