Spring on the Northfork

Posted By on Apr 15, 2015 |

Sprint at the Inn

Spring at Moss Mountain Inn

This last weekend I noticed several purple flowers peeking out!  From crocus’s to tulips its all on its way! The signs of spring are everywhere and especially in Glacier’s front yard… Moss Mountain Inn.

The biggest indication of spring is the melting snow and The Going to the Sun Road projected opening day…. JUNE 19?!  Will it open early this year?  Check out the daily status updates here:  http://www.nps.gov/glac/planyourvisit/gttsrfaq.htm

We are in the midst of a renovation to upgrade two of our most popular rooms, the Highline and Grinnell suites.  Boy what a mess, but it is coming along (should be finished by May 1st) and we are excited about how amazing it looks and feels! Those of you that have stayed in those rooms will be impressed.

Up and down the North Fork (MT Route 486) you can see that everyone is anticipating the upcoming summer. Bicyclist move past quietly as they make their way up the long stretch of scenic byway that defines the western boarder of Glacier National Park.  Vehicles pass with drift boats and fishing equipment.  Everyone is perusing the increasing spring sunshine to it’s fullest.

Spring has sprung and we are grateful for adventures, flowers on their way and time to enjoy the miracle of Glacier! Thank you for visiting!