Restoration of the Historic Sperry Chalet

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Historic Sperry Chalet

The Historic Sperry Chalet

The Historic Sperry Chalet, the swiss-style chalet complex, was a popular attraction in Glacier National Park. The complex was built by the Great Northern Railroad in the early 1900s. To get to the Sperry Chalet you take a 6-mile hike that starts at the Sperry Trailhead located across from Lake McDonald lodge.  Recently, the public eye has been keeping watch on this memorable and historic location, because of its destruction in a wildfire in 2017.  The Historic structure, in Glacier National Park, has become a representation of hope to many across the Globe, because a 100-year project begins on its restoration.

Sprague Fire

The Sprague Fire

The century-old Sperry Chalet dormitory building was lost last year, during the 2017 Sprague wild fire. The fire was ultimately caused by a lightning strike, on August 10, 2017. Firefighters, helicopters, and other resources were utilized to guard and to protect the complex. Unfortunately, their efforts were unable to save the dormitory building.  Once the damage was assessed, restoration seemed possible, and winter stabilization was necessary to make that a possibility.


Stabilization efforts were put into place, in October 2017, to secure the structure.  Emergency funds were provided in order to make this happen. The ability to stabilize the structure proved difficult because of its desolate location, and it was unsure if the fragile structure would withstand the winter. Fortunately, the Sperry Chalet has proven a cause worth fighting for since all  four walls and two chimneys withheld the harsh Montana winter. Watch the fly over video that was taken in February:


Discussions about the future of the Chalet have been forefront on our mind lately, and we believe restoration is possible. The recently developed restoration project is quite extensive and involves professional engineers and architects, and focuses on The Next 100 Years of the Sperry Chalet. The project seems to be full steam ahead, and offers hope to those who support the cause.

The Glacier National Park Conservancy has developed a fund to assist with the restoration of the building. The support of the community, and many across the globe, have made this dream of restoration a possibility. To Donate or for more information:

We hSperry Chaletope that Moss Mountain Inn visitors, family, and friends will get to visit the Sperry Chalet in the future. We will continue to explore the restoration process and will continue to update you on any progress. We want to thank all those who have supported this vision of restoration.